About Us

About Us: Welcome to August Design—Where Lifestyle Meets Creativity

Hello there, design enthusiasts! I’m Shari, the creative force behind August Design, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to our digital sanctuary. With a background in interior design and a passion for all things aesthetically pleasing, I’ve made it my mission to elevate spaces and inspire minds through innovative design concepts and creative insights. Guided by a deep appreciation for beauty and functionality, I’m here to guide you on a journey of discovery—a journey where lifestyle meets creativity, and every space becomes a canvas waiting to be transformed.

Our Mission: Elevating Your Space, One Design at a Time

August Design’s purpose is simple yet profound: to improve your life and space through design. We believe your environment can affect your attitude, creativity, and personality. We can help you unleash your inner designer and transform your living room, workspace, or everyday life.

August Design was founded on a love of design and a desire to share it. As an enthusiast, I know the delight of making a location special. Every step of the design process gives me purpose and fulfillment, from finding the perfect color palette to seeing a concept come to life.

Accepting Contributions: Join Our Creative Community

But August Design is more than just a platform for my own musings—it’s a community, a collective of like-minded individuals united by a shared passion for design. That’s why we wholeheartedly welcome contributions from fellow design enthusiasts, artists, and creatives from all walks of life. Whether you have a unique design concept to share, a DIY project to showcase, or a personal story of design inspiration to tell, we invite you to join us in celebrating the transformative power of design.

Are you ready to embark on a design journey like no other? Whether you’re seeking inspiration, advice, or simply a dose of design magic, August Design is here to help. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]—I’d love to hear from you and learn more about your design aspirations. Together, let’s turn your design dreams into a reality and elevate your space to new heights of style and sophistication.