Bronze As An Excellent Medium For Outdoor Sculptures

Most people consider Bronze to be a medium for premium sculpture. It is because Bronze has such a long history, spanning across over 2,000 years. It is the very first alloy discovered by man, and during the time, Sculptors have built and perfected bronze sculpting methodologies.

Outdoor sculpture adds character to a property, in addition to beautifying it. It also gives the owner a chance to show his/her art interests, and relate with notable bronze works across the world. There are several mediums you can use for your outdoor sculptures, but Bronze strikes a balance however you look at it. The article highlights three main reasons why Bronze is a good idea for Outdoor sculptures.

#1 You can make Bronze into anything gorgeous

One of the essential properties of Bronze is its high precision. It is because it is a copper-based alloy, and has a relatively lower melting point than other alloys. Copper is in itself soft, and it’s the reason sculptors can beat Bronze to shape easily. When in shape, Bronze is rigid enough to hold unto any beautiful design you’ve made.

All of those features come together to bring out design creativity. You are at liberty to make custom designs without stress.

#2 Historical sculptors used Bronze

Using Bronze for outdoor sculptures gives you a feeling of solidarity with the iconic artists and sculptors of the days past. Phidias, Myron, Donatello, Giambologna, and Girardon are some of the many famous sculptors who have excelled in the use of Bronze for their work.

You can keep a bronze sculpture that depicts other notable bronze works. Bronze is a medium of choice for master artists. The fact gives a good feeling about having an outdoor sculpture.

#3 Bronze is easy to clean and maintain

It is one thing to have an outdoor sculpture set up, and another thing to maintain it for a long time. For a sculpture that is going to be outdoors, it must withstand the elements. Other mediums (say, Wood, for example) wouldn’t do well at all outside, while others are complicated and expensive to clean.

Bronze is a comfortable option. It is effortless to clean and stands the elements a bit more gracefully. As time goes by, a bronze sculpture tend to add more character due to the effects of the weather. It is a style advantage other mediums won’t give you.


Bronze Sculptures are a great way to accessorize a house or property. They give an impression of a high level of artsy style. The peculiarities of Bronze as a material has made it excel throughout the ages. It was the first alloy known to man, and people have tapped into its potentials for sculpting.

Bronze sits perfectly in the middle as far as characteristics are concerned. It is a great sculpture medium if you can’t stand the high price of marble and the others. Bronze also gives you decent quality, as you would expect from a copper alloy.