How Do I Stop My Garden Hose Reel from Leaking?

A hose reel refers to a cylindrical spindle designed using metal or fiberglass. It is often helpful in storing a hose. Some of the prominent styles of hose reels include spring-driven and motor-driven. They are categorized by their diameter, length, in addition to their pressure rating.

A hose reel can get fixed in a strategic, permanent position. An ideal example of one such hose reel is the giraffe wall-mounted one. On the other hand, a hose reel can be portable. It can also get attached to a wagon.

If you are an adamant user of a garden hose reel, you will ask yourself why it leaks at some point after use. This could be frustrating depending on the extent of the problem. Sporadically, a leaky hose reel can be caused by a loose connection at its faucet. That can easily be remedied with a turn at the joint. In many cases, where there is a leak, there are high chances to worsen. Find more about what you can do when your hose reel leaks.

Common Reasons for Hose Reel Leakage- Their Solutions

Some of the common reasons for joint leakage include a connection breakage at the hose. Here is a rundown of solutions to garden hose reel leakage.

1. Determine where the garden hose reel leak is from

One pertinent thing to determine if your garden hose reel is leaking is where the leak is coming from. While this may sound challenging, it isn’t. Therefore, depending on that location, you will be able to determine the severity of the damage. If the leakage is from around the water connection tap, you might have problems with the hose fitting. Unscrew the hose to rule out any issue with the faucet.

2. Replace the rings

Buy a rubber O-ring washer. Use it as a water hose connector. Take a knife and remove the ring from the reel’s hose connector. After that, it would be best if you discarded it. Lubricate the ring using petroleum jelly. Install it in a connector. This should help fix a few leaks in the garden hose reel.

3. Replace the connector

Maybe you replaced the hose reel ring in the connector. But the move fails to stop the leak. In that case, the connector can be damaged. You may need to replace it. But a connector that matches the one that you had in the hose reel. You may also need to purchase a coupler. The element should replace the connector of the reel horse.

4. Use a Teflon tape

Wrap a Teflon tape where the reel meets the hose. You can get the tape at your local plumbing store. Teflon is a sealing made of tape. People refer to it as Teflon, but it is a thread used on metal fittings.

Final Thoughts

It is challenging to see where the leak comes from, especially if the hose reel is tied to the cart. But you can unwind it and then spread out your hose onto the ground before turning the water on. The leak might be within the hose. That is, where the hose threads to the cart. No matter the case, you should be able to identify the leak and restore the garden hose reel’s condition.