How is Synthetic Rattan Different From Natural Rattan?

When looking at choosing rattan furniture like the outsunny dining set, you must understand that they can be made from two materials; natural and synthetic materials. A lot of people who already know of this may face certain difficulties when it comes to deciding between both rattan material options.

To make your decision-making process an easier one, this article was together to show you the visible differences between natural and synthetic rattan furniture.

Synthetic Vs. Natural Rattan Furniture

The following are some of the differe8nces that exist between natural and synthetic rattan furniture.

1. Beauty

Without doubts, natural materials are known to come with a special kind of charm. A lot of people can testify that they provide a deep feeling of warmth that can’t be found in their synthetic counterparts, regardless of the level of semblance that may exist between them.

However, when it comes to rattan materials, it’s often hard for anyone to tell the exact differences between synthetic and natural versions. They both come in different beautiful shapes, styles, colors, or designs, which helps to amplify the general elegance and sophistication of the garden.

2. Resistance to Weather Conditions

Just as common with many natural materials, rattan materials when used in their natural state, cannot effectively resist bad weather conditions. It’s not particularly suitable for outdoor use. When exposed to rain or sunlight for a long period, they may get damaged. This means that if you’re using the natural rattan material for your garden, you should ensure that they are properly protected. You can do this by either storing them indoors during bad weather or covering them.

Synthetic rattan materials, on other hand, are designed specifically to withstand all outdoor elements. This means that if you’re using rattan furniture made from synthetic material, you can trust them to always be safe outdoors.

3. Durability

Rattan furniture made of natural furniture can stay strong and durable for a long time. Of course, this is mostly possible if it’s made with a high-quality standard of production and if you keep it safe from harmful outdoor elements.

Synthetic rattan furniture is also durable, however, there’s one difference that you should note. You can be kept outdoors all year round without worrying about its beauty and overall shine getting lost in the long run.

4. Care

A lot of times, neither natural nor synthetic rattan furniture require any form of care. Tounobky needs to perform a routine clean with soapy water and a damp cloth while focusing on the holes of your furniture.

Nonetheless, you can allocate a special kind of care to your natural rattan furniture since they are required to stay indoors whenever there’s a weather failure. Doing it this way will help you to manage and maintain it better.


At the end of the day, you can agree that both natural and synthetic rattan furniture comes with its good and bad sides. The option you end up with depends on you.