How to personalize your diamond painting

What are diamond paintings? Well, for the uninitiated, diamond painting transforms mosaic making into a very convenient and entertaining activity for the more artistically inclined. Actually, a good diamond painting kit allows even young children to express their inner Picasso.

If you’re just finding out about diamond painting, you’ve been missing a great way to pass the time while also challenging yourself. With diamond painting, you can reproduce beautiful works of art, and even some more personal images when you customize yours now.

How personal can your customized diamond painting get? Well, it depends on how personal you want to be. You don’t only get a variety of generic pictures to choose from, but you can have any picture of your choosing transformed into a diamond painting kit.

If you stick with me, you’ll find out how to do just that. But first of all, let’s take a quick look at how diamond painting works.

How does Diamond Painting work?

Just like a mosaic, diamond painting breaks down an image into units. Each unit is like a pixel on a screen; so when combined with other units, they produce the image in question.

In your diamond kit, you will receive a canvas, as well as all the colored diamonds you will need to create your image. The canvas will tell you where to place each colored piece to complete the picture.

What’s special about this kit is that you can send in your photographs and have them transformed into a diamond painting kit with all the tools you’ll need to complete it.

How to get your own personalized diamond painting kit

So how do you get your personalized diamond painting kit?

  • Well first, you’ll have to choose your canvas size. This is extremely important and there are a few tips you should keep in mind. When picking the size of the canvas to apply an image to, bigger is always better. If your picture has one person in it, the minimum size you should go for is 12×16 inches. For two people, 18×24 inches. And for three people, you shouldn’t go below 24×32 inches. This will ensure your picture looks right when you complete the image in diamonds.
  • Next, you’ll select the shape of diamonds to be included in your kit. You can either pick square drill or round drill diamonds. As you can imagine, square diamonds are likely to look better when finished because they fit together better.
  • Once that’s done, all that’s left is to upload your photo and complete your order. Your picture will be enhanced for the canvas, depending on the quality of the photo. However, it’s a good idea to send in a good picture. The picture should be high resolution, bright (few shadows), and should correspond to the canvas dimensions.


Everyone needs a hobby. So a diamond painting kit will make a great gift to yourself, your partner, your kids, friends, and family! And now you can make it even more personal for that special person.