How to replace your old vanity basin

Vanity basins like every other household item, are bound to worn-out at some point in time. In other cases, the basin could be out of style or even broken, and a need for a quick replacement arises. The process of replacing your vanity basin isn’t as complicated as it sounds; a few steps and you’re good to go!

This article highlights those DIY procedures that will help you replace your vanity in no time.

Disconnect the water supply: You wouldn’t want to have a situation where you lose control of the water pipe while you are unable to turn off the water switch. The first step to take on your way to replacing your old vanity basin is by disconnecting the basin from the water source; this can be done by turning the entire water supply into the bathroom off.

Uninstall the countertop: Usually, the next step to take is to remove the top of the basin from the mount; this can be done by using a screwdriver to fix the joint between the countertop and the wall. However, there’s the need to check for more than one joints as specific vanity basins are connected to the wall from top to bottom for rigidity.

Replace the drawers: Certain vanity basins are installed with drawers for storage. You have to decide if you still want the drawer in place or have them removed. For replacement purpose, you might have to unscrew every single nut that holds the drawer in place while replacing each part with the newer version. At other times, it could prove ideal to have the old drawer furniture coated to make it termite-proof.

Install the faucet on the countertop: Having a new faucet in place of the old one could improve water dispensing efficiency as well as the stylishness of the basin. Faucets come in various shapes and designs, and this gives an extra touch of beauty to your bathroom setup. Also, there’s the possibility of installing two or more faucets on the basin for hot and cold water.

Install the vanity and place the countertop: Now that the faucet has been successfully installed, it can now be coupled alongside the countertop to the drawer frame. You should ensure the vanity is appropriately screwed to the wall from top to bottom to provide a firm grip. As soon as the vanity is well positioned, the countertop can then be fixed. The edges of the vanity top should also be well secured with caulk so that it doesn’t tip off during heavy use.

Connect the water supply: Now that the whole vanity frame is in place, you must fix the plumbing connection. Once you’ve set the necessary pipes and connected the faucet to the water source, you can then turn on the water switch.

Final thought

Replacing or fixing your old vanity basin shouldn’t prove to be a daunting task at any point in time. This article highlights DIY steps that could prove helpful while you embark on this activity. However, you must take the necessary safety precautions to ensure a hitch-free replacement process.