Important Considerations When Buying the Led Strip Lights

Home decoration and lighting could be better when you purchase the best LED strip lights. The RGB Silicone Neon lights especially the 12v led rope light are the package you can choose for residential or commercial lighting. The qualities of these strip lights, such as efficiency, durability and energy saving, are the reason they are becoming more popular for various lighting applications.

Since they are programmed and easy to control, the LED strip lights are seemingly a nice option to meet your lighting needs. However, there are a few factors you have to look at to ensure you choose the right type of LED strip lights. This article will walk you through these important considerations when buying the LED strip lights.

Types of Led Strip Lights

When you want to purchase LED strip lights, you need to beware of the available categories. You will want to purchase products that offer the best functionality, depending on your application. You may need one type of LED strip light over the other. The examples of strip lights that you need include the DC LED flex Strips, AC LED Flex Strips, LED Rope Light, and High Output LED Strips. Every type of LED strip light comes with varying characteristics to meet the specific needs of the consumer. Be sure of the category that best suits your plan.


The LED strips come with varying brightness. Manufacturers usually use the improved LED technology to reach brighter capabilities as needed. The brightness of your strip lights will depend on how you want to use them. Be sure to read the lumen measurements as indicated on the strip lights to determine whether the brightness fits your lighting application. If you need the strip lights for accent lighting, you will not need those brighter than 200 Lumens. Therefore, evaluate your project and personal preferences to choose the strip light that will substantially affect light quality.

Led Strip Colour

The strip lights are manufactured with a wide range of multicolour and single colours. Strip lights that emit a single light colour are the most basic. Other options offer multiple colours such as green, blue, red, yellow, cool white, neutral white, warm white and ultraviolet. You can also choose the RGB strips that you can control the colour you need to display.

The Colour Temperature

It is important to check the colour temperature because it is the only way to differentiate LEDs’ white colour options. The temperature will allow you to know how cool or warm the lights appear. When purchasing the strip lights, you are keen to check the temperature measurements in Kelvin as indicated in the product description. The low temps often represent warm colours, while the high temps indicate cool colours.

Led Strip Wattage

You need to analyze the wattage of the strip lights before purchasing. You can seek help from professional dealers to determine the wattage per length to ensure that you install correctly. It will be easier for you to find an adequate power supply to install the strip lights. You can also opt for the plug and play options which come with an inbuilt power cord.