Outer Space Bedroom Color Ideas

Creating an outer space bedroom design in your house can be interesting and attractive because this design will make your bedroom more sparkling with the start right above your bed. most people assume that this theme can be achieved only for kids, but actually it is also appropriate for adults. There are some bedroom color ideas that you can use to make this theme perfectly achieved, so you can use them as your inspiration.

Decorating an outer space bedroom for kids can be done by adding glow in the dark stars and moons on the ceilings, cutouts in lamps and astronaut bedding. your kids should be included in this project because this is theirs. They can recommend what they want to add more in their bedroom with the lead from parents. You can paint the wall with the most appropriate color to achieve your desire look. for a nighttime ocean feel, you can use dark blue, red to create mars mural or deep green to create an alien planet. Since this is for your kids’ bedroom, don’t worry for going overboard because nothing overboard for children.

Those are some bedroom color ideas to create an outer space theme in the children’s bedrooms. for adults’ bedrooms, you can also add starts and moons in your room to create a romantic feel. The prints and patterns in your bedroom can be full moons and shadows of lovers under the starts to make your room more romantic. Combine the décor with the calming hues of blue and mysterious black and you can enjoy the romantic look in your bedroom decor.

Now you can apply outer space décor not only in your children’s bedroom, but also your room. simply using some bedroom color ideas above and your bedroom design will move to the outer space.