What are the Different Types Of Garden Hose

When you want to buy a garden hose, you should definitely know the purpose it will serve. This will enable you to make the right choice. Getting a hose reel to go with it is also a brilliant idea. Some brands offer free shipping. This reduces the amount you spend.

Garden hoses are not of the same size. The size of a garden hose goes a long way in determining the function because the size determines the flow rate to an extent.

You should never make the mistake of buying a garden hose that is too small or too large for the purpose it’s going to serve.

What is the Suitable Garden Hose for your Garden?

1. Light-duty Garden Hose

These are the types made for low-pressure needs and also for use in the garden. They are suitable for gardening because the low pressure is not capable of damaging the plants.

Light-duty hoses are produced with vinyl, and they can serve for long when they are probably cared for. They are mostly between 50′ and 100′ in length.

2. Rubber Hose

They are built with rubber to enable them to work despite tough conditions. These rubber materials also help them to remain functional and flexible under harsh weather.

3. Heavy-duty Garden Hose

As the name implies, they are designed with more durable materials. These are the type of garden hoses to use when you want to carry out cleanup jobs as well as watering plants in the garden.

Heavy-duty water hose has more pressure and also a large diameter. Some of them come with additional features which include crush-proof coupling and kink resistance.

4. Premium-duty Hose

Premium-duty hoses are designed to withstand greater water pressure and work on large and difficult jobs. Because of this high water pressure, they are not advisable to be used for a residual purpose, but rather for professional landscapers and commercial users.

They can be used for washing and also watering purposes.

5. Soaker Hose

Soaker hoses are needed for a low-pressure form of application. They are needed for deeper watering that heavy-duty watering cannot perform. They are mostly needed in the garden when you need to sprinkle water in narrow areas, and their design facilitates this function.

Things You Should Know About the Size of a Garden Hose

The size of the garden hose can also be referred to as its diameter. When buying the garden hose, you should pay attention to the size of the hose. Moderation is required for every purpose.

The inadequate size would hinder you from getting the right pressure for your job.

A large hose would provide you with the best pressure you need, especially if it’s for cleaning jobs outdoor.


The garden hose aids the watering and cleaning purpose in a very pleasing way. Although these equipment are created to aid these purposes, getting a smaller size than what is needed will not supply adequate water and this can cause frustration. Also, getting a size bigger than what it is intended for, can cause damage to your plants because of the high pressure.

With the types listed above, you should definitely know the type that would satisfy your needs.