Why frameless sliding shower screen is the best option for your home

Frameless sliding shower screens are simply too classy to pass up. I mean when door slide, they seem even more interesting than when they open in the more traditional pattern (pivotally). However, there are other forms of frameless shower screen screens. What exactly makes the frameless sliding shower screens more spectacular or outstanding compared to the others?

If there is a difference, how much more expensive are the frameless sliding shower screens compared to the rest? Is the installation of the sliding shower screens more difficult than the regular door? All these questions and many more will be answered in this article. But first, we’ll start by introducing frameless shower screens as a whole.

All you need to Know about Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

The frameless sliding shower screens are the latest and most modern trends in shower screen design. They have given a whole new vibe to bathroom development and arrangement. The frameless shower screens have been modelled to be able to meld almost perfectly into various bathroom settings.

The frameless shower screens are made up of modified glass planes placed together seamlessly. This is done without the addition of metal edges or parts. This is the key difference between the frameless shower screen and other shows screen types.

Both the framed and semi-frameless shower screens possess quintessential metal parts. The framed is lined with more metal parts then the semi-frameless. This gives the semi-frameless shower screen a more modern look. This is what makes the semi-frameless shower screen more expensive than the typical framed shower screen.

With this knowledge, we find that the price range for the frameless shower screens is just right. It is estimated that the typical frameless shower screen is just 15% more expensive than the typical framed shower screen.

This means that the price difference between the semi-frameless and frameless shower screens is almost negligible. So with such almost negligible price difference, the frameless shower screen is the way to go.

If you are worried about the durability of the frameless showers screen, that is unnecessary. The glass used for the frameless shower screen is modified. The thickness is improved upon to be able to stand on its own. So the durability can be trusted as long as any accidents do not occur.

Is the Installation of the Frameless Sliding Shower screen More Expensive?

The frameless sliding shower screen are just one of about three unique door designs. The other two being pivot and foldable screens (but the foldable screens are not popular). However, the frameless sliding shower screens are so sought after because they take up little space. Their installation is not any more difficult than any other door. So you do not need to be excessively worried that the installation would be more trouble than its worth.


In conclusion, the frameless sliding shower door is a wonderful choice.  Contact us and get your frameless sliding shower screens installed as soon as possible. All at a reasonable and standard rate.